Wondering how to propose? Read our 10 ideas for the perfect proposal, and also check out our selection of diamond egagement rings.


1. On the beach

After a gentle stroll along the sand, what could be more romantic than presenting the love of your life with an engagement ring? The sound of waves crashing in the background will invest the moment with atmosphere and drama.


2. While she’s at work

Not many people are thinking about love and marriage while they are hard at work, so surprise your partner with diamonds when they least expect it. Their colleagues will be talking about it for weeks!


3. Make it public

Taking out a full page advert in your local newspaper is ideal when you want the world to know how you feel. When everything is in place, just buy a copy and leave it laying around for your significant other to pick up.


4. At Christmas

When the special day is fast approaching, visit Ringfield Diamond Jewellery to buy the ideal piece, before placing it into a box under the tree. Wait until every present is opened, before drawing her attention to your gift.


5. In a box of chocolates

If your loved one is a chocoholic, you could hide a ring inside a box of their favourite treats. They will be happy to have received the sweets, but overjoyed by the bonus surprise!


6. During a picnic

When love is in the air, pack up some snacks and get down to your local river or forest for an alfresco lunch. This is a great way to have some quiet time together, but also provides a beautiful setting for your proposal.


7. Where you had your first date

Going back to where you first met is likely to be an emotional experience for you both, a chance to reflect on golden memories and how far you’ve come as a couple. Top it off by telling your sweetheart you want it to last forever and asking her to be your wife.


8. Watching a band

Use your regular date night to see a band you both enjoy, and then secretly ask the singer to announce your proposal on the microphone, maybe after a romantic ballad.


9. On her birthday

Although we all like to receive gifts on our birthday, an engagement ring is not something we can ask for along with a nice bath set! Use an oversized box with progressively smaller boxes inside, it’s a great way of making her giggle and ensuring the moment is even more memorable.


10. The traditional way

There’s a lot to be said for old fashion methods of proposal, so if none of the more modern techniques appeal to you, why not go for something more tried and tested? Book a table at a restaurant you both love and between courses go down on one knee to pop the question with a dazzling diamond ring.