Rose Gold Wedding RingSo often people are either opting for yellow gold or white gold and silver, but the more unusual third option of rose gold is becoming increasingly popular for jewellery of all types this winter. Warmer than silver, but more subtle than yellow gold, rose gold is the middle way that stands out and is sure to get compliments however it is worn.

Popular in the nineteenth century, rose gold is now making a comeback, and is especially appealing due to the hard wearing nature of its composition, being a mixture of gold and copper. This characteristics makes rose gold jewellery harder than a pure gold, and more suitable for detailed designs that will stand up to everyday wear and tear. The degree of colouring is dependent upon the amount of copper in the mix, giving anything from a soft pink to a bold red.

The delicate pink colouring is ideal to be used with other metal colours for intricate engagement rings, but also for pairing with contrasting multi-coloured wedding rings, whether yellow, silver or other reds. This more natural colouring also blends itself to creating multi-coloured jewellery such as flowers, with the ability to incorporate gemstones also.

Both men and women are looking for engagement rings that have unique modern edge in rose gold. The design of the subtle rose gold engagement rings is to produce a remarkably feminine elegant look and can guarantee to fully capture women's hearts. The rings are classy and contemporary.

The desire for rose gold wedding rings remains. Many styles of traditional wedding rings still look fantastic in rose gold, which makes it rare, luxurious and an ideal symbol of love.

If you want to make a statement with something just that little bit more exclusive and eye catching, then a look at the rose gold must be on your list of options. Perfect for a combination of distinctive colour with the hardness of an alloy, rose gold jewellery is preferred for adaptability and elegance.